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1. Evaluate: We can help you navigate the process of selecting your replacement windows and doors. We’ll get started with a high-level look at basic choices like window/door styles and materials (wood, clad, aluminum, vinyl), and then we’ll guide you through design options – like wood stains, colors, trim color and hardware finishes.

2. Select: We can help you decide your all of window replacement options from the function, style and all the details available in home windows today. It's always a good idea to choose a window based on the appearance of your home and the design you're looking for in the space.

3. Order: Our salesmen can answer all your questions, prepare your quote, measure for your new windows and doors and place your order. We are here to work with you through your entire replacement process from window selection all the way through installation.

4. Installation:  Part of the team will work on removing the old windows while the others work to replace them. They will establish a rhythm and as soon as an old window is out, the replacement windows go in. 

5. Enjoy: Not only will your windows improve the look of your home but by choosing a window that has an energy efficient rating, you can save 10 to 25% on your energy bill. Energy efficient windows have two panes. This helps heat retention and provides insulation from outside noise.

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